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Visualizing the Drosophila Female Reproductive Tract

Scouring the literature on Drosophila reproduction for my research, I’ve encountered  illustrations of the fruit fly female reproductive tract (FRT) that range from intricate and realistic to simple line drawings. I started paying attention to these different styles when I was working on my own figure for a recent review paper. I went through several iterations […]

Whewell's Ghost

History and Philosophy of Science

Diversity Journal Club

The premise of this journal club is to discuss articles and blog posts about Diversity in STEM and academia. We post the paper/topic the 2nd week of the month, and discuss the third Friday of every month at 2pm EST, under #DiversityJC on Twitter. Hope to see you there!

Molecular Love (and other facts of life)

the nitty gritty science of sex and reproduction

The Marginalian

Marginalia on our search for meaning.

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"whoa" inducing science


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Storage of ideas on science and etc.


So you want to be a biology professor

Dynamic Ecology

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