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Under the Microscope: Scientist weighs in on sex and gender – Interview with Melissa Wilson Sayres


Many Drafts of my Personal Statement

  I hate writing personal statements. I stare at a blank page, wildly uncomfortable talking about myself and daunted by the enormous influence over my future I ascribe to this one document. Nevertheless, through an arduous process of many drafts and numerous rounds of edits, I managed to write a statement that contributed to my acceptance into grad school and […]

Visualizing the Drosophila Female Reproductive Tract

Scouring the literature on Drosophila reproduction for my research, I’ve encountered  illustrations of the fruit fly female reproductive tract (FRT) that range from intricate and realistic to simple line drawings. I started paying attention to these different styles when I was working on my own figure for a recent review paper. I went through several iterations […]

OutCrowd Spring 2016: CDC Drinking Infographic Critique

The First Year

On one of the first warm days this past spring I worked up the courage to ask a senior graduate student in my lab if she was keen for an afternoon Starbucks trip. The coffee invitation was a ruse, I really wanted to ask her for advice on feeling productive in as a graduate student. […]

The Fertility of Miró

Originally posted on Metathesis:
I have never quite gotten surrealist, post-modern art. (Left to my own devices I happily spend my museum visits floating around the impressionist era.) I look at abstract symbolic paintings and feel that I miss the intended emotion or meaning—as if the painters and their devotees speak a language I cannot…

Perils of Click-Bait Science Communication, or There’s Many a Slip ‘twixt the Cup and the Lip

Originally posted on Metathesis:
Science communication plays an integral role in bridging the gap between academia and the public. Science writers have the tricky job of distilling complex ideas into digestible pieces, and explaining highly-specialized experiments in a way the public might find interesting. Research highlighted in the media can become part of a larger…

Whewell's Ghost

History and Philosophy of Science

Diversity Journal Club

The premise of this journal club is to discuss articles and blog posts about Diversity in STEM and academia. We post the paper/topic the 2nd week of the month, and discuss the third Friday of every month at 2pm EST, under #DiversityJC on Twitter. Hope to see you there!

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